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Being Consulting


Henry VI attacked the French in order to distract his subjects during a time of hardship. We don’t have to go that far!

We’re not going to find some arbitrary enemy to distract us – but we can find positive, productive ways to engage our staff at this challenging time. In this environment we shouldn’t leave people to cope alone – we should do the best we can, create opportunities to connect meaningfully with others. We should Lead.

Find ways to remain strategic. Plan. Discuss. Develop capability. Make connections in new ways.

Video: Look Who’s Collaborating Here

Great collaboration is built on difference, and on similarity. Collaboration is attracting a great deal of attention in the best organisations, and for good reason. View more on this theme in our most surprising video yet.

Video: What Does Your Team Have in Common with the James Bond Franchise?

We are all aware of the volume and increasing rate of change, and just how difficult change can be – sometimes unnecessarily difficult. At Being Consulting we deal with all kinds of change, and change is a theme of most of our assignments. So what does this have to do with the James Bond franchise? Watch to find out.

Video: Is Strategic Leadership Important to You?

Essential to crafting a learning organisation or team – one that benefits from failures and successes – is spending time to review actual group performance. Click for two great anecdotes about learning from experience.

Video: Our Culture

Innovative, creative, hardworking. Seriously smart. Effervescent. Ultimately we’re just a bunch of people dealing with another bunch of people. We figure it’s best to be nice about it.