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Kind Words

At Being Consulting we rely heavily on referrals and clients saying good things about us. The vast majority of the testimonials on this page are unsolicited – kind words sent by clients after a project. The Training programme feedback is a selection of statements from anonymous post-course feedback forms. We have all originals on file for verification. 


Sincerely thank you for all that you did to make our first combined leadership offsite a success. While we still have a way to go to genuinely work as one team, the offsite that you hosted provided us tools and solid grounding to get there, along with the motivation of what success looks like so that we want to do, so THANK YOU!

Laura Barnes
HR Manager, APAC
Zodiac Group Australia

Throughout my leadership journey I have come to understand the importance of collaboration, not just as a feel good ‘buzz word’, but as an imperative business tool and an essential future-focussed leadership capability.  In a world of competing agendas and priorities, sophisticated collaboration skills are critical for meaningful outcomes.  That’s where Siebert came in for my teams!  I have called upon Siebert’s expertise throughout the previous year to support leadership teams to understand the power and potential of collaboration and the practical tools and strategies that can be applied for the type of collaboration that accelerates enterprise agility.  Siebert also explores with leaders the pitfalls and obstacles of collaboration and how to avoid and overcome these.  The icing on the cake for me is Siebert’s engaging. He always impresses the room with his unique balance of master story telling, interactive activities and practical strategies for leaders to take away and apply to their practice.

Ally Doyle
Service Manager, Medicare
Australian Government Department of Human Services

Thanks so much for these past two days. You are brilliant to watch in action. Simply inspiring. The feedback is excellent.

Dr. Natalie Ferres
Associate Director

As usual you gave a sterling performance and demonstrated so much of what all of us can aspire to in terms of professionalism, commitment and passion. I think it’s great for our guys to spend time with you for these reasons.

Bill Cordingley
Senior Executive

Siebert is a highly engaging speaker. By using his personal experience from having worked in several countries around the world, he was able to captivate our audience in way that made them question their own approaches and identify personal areas for improvement. He is motivational, but at the same time grounded. He balances strategy on one hand with down to earth execution on the other. His talk balanced strategy implementation with everyday actions, giving his audience a great framework to effectively reach the goals we strive towards as an organization.

K. Erik Skullerud

Thank you very much for yesterday. I enjoyed it immensely and always enjoy getting your insights. Everyone in the team has commented on the very thoughtful and well-run sessions you provided throughout the day so well done.

Mark Schulz
Market Access and Health Economics Director
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Siebert brings a very structured but versatile approach to change management and mentoring that is engaging, encouraging and thought provoking. He is a very values-focused person who seeks to improve your performance because he wants to, not just because you have asked him to. He tailor makes his approach to suit your style and comfort zone, although he will use the opportunity to stretch your reach and vision and get you into a place where the not so comfortable but important issues are dealt with in a meaningful and productive way. I always looked forward to my time with Siebert over the three years that I had the good fortune of involving him in my work life.

Dr. Antonio Penna
Chief Executive
The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Siebert facilitated my team planning day and it ran like a well-oiled machine from start to finish. His use of story-telling, visual imagery and engaging activities challenged the team to think and act differently. The pace was high but we never felt rushed. There was a good balance of practical activities interspersed with management theory and lots of laughter. We moved fluidly from one activity to the next – steered and supported by Siebert.

It made me realise that the difference between a ‘good’ facilitator and a ‘great’ facilitator is huge. Siebert’s professionalism, knowledge and passion for building better teams are evident in his facilitation style. He has a way with people that instantly puts you at ease and makes you want to participate.

Joanna Battersby
NSW Department of Family and Community Services

Your presentation hit the right note exactly. I’ve had a lot of people talking about it to me, both on the day and since. Thank you again for your time and a thought-provoking presentation.

Catherine Dolle
Business Continuity Manager

The independent counsel you have provided to senior management has been of great assistance to not only developing them as managers but also as people.

David van Aanholt
CEO Asia Pacific
Goodman Limited

It’s amazing how quickly you grasped our business and our issues. And to deliver such a clear report so quickly and so well presented shows how much you practice what you preach.

John Irvine
Trinity Law.

Mr Neethling is an excellent facilitator. He adapts to the needs of the group, understands the needs of the client / outcomes required, and uses relevant case studies, examples and stories as powerful learning tools in his sessions. There is energy and innovation in his practices. His depth of knowledge and breadth of experience are excellent. He has provided consultancy to a range of clients, and has much of his own management experience to draw upon; all of which are based upon a sound academic background.

Lionel Riley
Director People Development
Attorney General’s Department

Thanks for the “light touch” guidance. A good day and ably assisted by you.

Kim Dalton
Director Television

You were a sensation! That of course was to be expected, as (the person who recommended you) is a hard judge of facilitators and does not impress easily.

Jacqui Curtis
Chief Operating Officer
Australian Taxation Office

The feedback from staff was very encouraging with many rating your culture and change presentation and evening keynote as excellent … Staff enjoyed and I believe respected the opportunity to be actively involved in discussions where they could make a contribution. Professionally and personally it was a pleasure to work with you.  Thank you again for your inclusive, engaging and thought-provoking contribution.

Christina Cummins
Human Resources Manager
Forestry Corporation

It was a pleasure working with you Siebert. The Minister’s Office and all of the staff here were very impressed with the way you facilitated the Roundtable.

Gregor Macfie
Director, Policy and Research
NSW Commission for Children and Young People

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your help. I found our sessions very helpful and the techniques you have taught me have really helped me to deal with the issues which come up at work. The discussions which we have had have helped me to look at things from a different perspective. Your approach has been very supportive but you have also challenged me when required. It is amazing how little changes can have such a big impact. Thanks again for all your help.

Frank Pinto
Cross-Divisional Head of Sourcing & Procurement

Thank you again for helping us with our strategy sessions.  You were unanimously voted a huge success, and the team appreciated your gentle, insightful, entertaining approach. We are discussing the next combined offsite… [we] will be speaking with you very shortly.

Suzanne Westgate
Head of Land & Approvals

My thanks to you for speaking to our new editors about leadership. The feedback from them was overwhelmingly positive and there were many aspects of your presentation that they were still referring to in the days following. The other piece of feedback of course was that they would have liked your session to be longer. I’ve recommended that we should invite you to work with the group again shortly after we implement.

Michele Fonseca
ABC News Division

Thought I would just let you know that I met with my team yesterday around our business plan. The feedback on your session was overwhelmingly positive and people were really impressed with your ability to engage with them, draw out existing knowledge and help them to look at things in different ways. The case studies were brilliant.

David Galloway
Health Support and Business Services Division
Department of Human Services

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful job you did today!  It was inspiring as well as providing the staff with some practical insights and tools.  It was exactly what I had wanted for the last session of the conference. As discussed, we have only just embarked on a new leadership journey within this Division, and I look forward to working with you in the future, as we continue to better enable our staff to lead change and deliver results for Australians. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Bridget Brill
National Manager Smart Centres Division
Department of Human Services

May I take this opportunity to personally thank you for the effort you have taken in working through this project to get us to where we are now. I have enjoyed each encounter / interaction with you. Your efforts have helped me rethink my role in adding sustainable value to this organisation.

Dallas Palm
Corporate Procurement Manager
Forestry Corporation of NSW

On a personal note, I want to say that as a former planning manager and facilitator I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from watching you run this process. Your ability to allow a freewheeling debate to rage and yet lead it to a convincing, unanimous conclusion is remarkable. Thank you for a great learning experience and I look forward to sitting in the audience again next time.

Rahmat Khaiami
Executive Officer
Forestry Corporation of NSW

Thank you for your support and input to the Management Development Programme, Siebert – it has been a great success because of your work.

Tracey Frey
Assistant Commissioner Learning & Development
Australian Taxation Office

Over the last three years we have worked with Siebert on a couple of occasions as we have looked to make our business more commercial following its conversion into a State-owned Corporation. Most recently Siebert has helped work through a bottom-up strategic planning process. This has involved small regional meetings with senior and middle level managers and finally a two-day workshop involving 90 of our staff in Sydney. The process Siebert has run for us has worked particularly well. He has enabled meaningful engagement by our staff, collated their ideas where useful but able to diplomatically keep things on track where more speculative. Importantly he has very skilfully reworked our Vision, Mission and Values into a new Statement of Purpose and Values utilising a wide range of input from the organisation. He worked closely with myself and my senior management team throughout the project which has produced a bottom-up plan that we as senior management are happy to sign off on and take to our Board. It has been a very worthwhile process.

Nick Roberts
Forestry Corporation of New South Wales

I have found the discipline that we introduced with the strategies work late last year has really helped to maintain momentum, and provide clarity for the team. It was certainly a worthwhile process.

Melissa Farrow
Performance Rewards & Recognition
Australian Taxation Office

Thanks Siebert – a great outcome in terms of the overwhelmingly positive and supportive feedback. As per my phone message, we’ve received approval to continue rolling this programme out – which is great news. Thanks again – and congratulations on developing and delivering an outstanding management programme.

Senior Executive L&D
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Everyone was very complimentary of your facilitation and the value you add, so thank you again for doing such a great job.

Carolyn Scobie
Group General Counsel & Company Secretary
QBE Limited

Just wanted to say thank you for your leadership presentation on Wednesday. The team is still talking about your examples and frameworks, so I expect they will have enduring resonance. It was good to see and hear you again.

Bridget Brill
General Manager Channel Operations, Indigenous & Intensive Services
Department of Human Services

Thank you for everything.  I have very much enjoyed working with you and producing some impressive programmes. Benchmark is really having an organisational impact and I am really proud of that programme in particular.

Executive L&D
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Thanks so much to Siebert, yourself and the team for the fabulous workshop. We’ve already begun to change the way we approach our language! … Thanks again and looking forward to working with you and the team this year!

Kitty Danger
Planning NSW

Hi Siebert – I’d like to pass on some feedback I received from your Melbourne workshop.  Greg also gave me a call about it. ‘Thanks so much for sharing your professional expertise with our leaders – the combination of content and delivery has clearly hit the mark’.

Lina Ranieri
Assistant Commissioner
Australian Taxation Office

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Leading Complex Change Workshop lead by Siebert Neethling I attended on Tuesday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found the content and the presenter absolutely on the money.  In particular, I think Siebert’s ability to connect with the SES group was just fantastic. He came across as engaging, widely experienced and very credible which resonated strongly with the group and added to overall success of the day. Would thoroughly recommend the workshop to any SES.

Greg Williams
Deputy Commissioner
Australian Taxation Office

Hi Siebert – I just wanted to let you know that my rating this year was a 3:3. Which is great but in the end I didn¹t really care what rating I got as I knew that I was doing a good job and that my contributions were being acknowledged both locally and globally. Thanks for your help as the small changes which I made had a big impact.

Coaching client
Novartis Australia

I wanted to thank you sincerely for the way you have assisted me with my role and my professional career during my time here at Trinity.  I have learnt so much from you, not only from our formal sessions, but also from having observed the way that your business and career reflects your own personal sense of integrity and character. I will take that learning and wisdom with me as I continue to develop and grow my own career, and I consider it to have been invaluable to my own personal and career development path.
It has also been an absolute pleasure to work with you Siebert.

Coaching client
Trinity Law

Hi Siebert – So yesterday’s launch went well! We had a great turn out, the room was full and overflowing down the corridors. Feedback on the document is great … In his speech the Secretary thanked you for your work in putting it together!

Senior Executive
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Thank you for sending through the team’s results – and for taking us all on an interesting journey last week! We’ve received numerous comments from the group – everyone enjoyed your session and found it an extremely useful and positive exercise. And it was great to build on the work we did last year.

Carolyn Cameron
Director Market Access ANZ

Thank you so much for sending this through, your flexibility and professionalism during the process has been much appreciated.

Danielle Marcovich-Smith
Staff Experience and Culture
Australian Taxation Office

Siebert, many thanks again for your insightful facilitation of our recent safety event – a tough call elegantly handled!

Nick Roberts
Forestry Corporation of New South Wales

I’ve had some really good news too, so I just wanted to thank you for all that. Slightly later timeframe than you thought but very positive developments. Also read all those books that you had gave me, so thank you so much for that. It was all useful. All the best Siebert and thanks for all your help over the year.

Coaching client

I wanted to thank you again for your work on the review. The team has been feverishly working on a refreshed culture strategy based on your recommendations, which have been tremendously helpful for us as the basis and justification for many of the activities we would like to take forward. I hope your experience conducting the review was a positive one. If you find yourself in Brisbane for any reason, or when I am next in Sydney, it would be good to catch up again.

David Miller
Assistant Commissioner
Australian Taxation Office

Thank you so much to all of your team. Hope you enjoyed the cupcakes! The submission has been sent to the Premier for review. … Thank you again for being so amazingly responsive!

Fiona Morrison
Commissioner Open Space and Parklands
NSW Government

As always, you were brilliant and provided us practical tools and examples to help us. In short, you surpassed your brief! The workbook was a great idea and was used on day three to work out our approach to our actions.

David Galloway
Health Support and Business Services Division
Department of Human Services

Thank you very much Siebert, I really appreciate your work and your approach. I thought it was a great day and I was chuffed with how it rolled.

Jenni Hutchins
Chief Executive Officer
Big Fat Smile

Siebert, I move on from my current role today. I am sure we will cross paths again but wanted to write and thank you for the work you have done during my tenure, and also the good humour in which you have performed it! It has been a pleasure working with you. You have developed a really good product from which we have greatly benefited.

Senior Executive
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Really good to see you ‘in action’. I was impressed – seriously.

Tim Orpen
Project Director

Siebert, you were fantastic today. Got so much great feedback and you provided the perfect platform for change. Thank you so much.

Galia Cornish
Chief Executive Officer
Synergy Group

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the whole Being team over the last year and I have no doubt that we will all get to work together again in the future.
Thank you for always being great to work with, producing incredible content, and especially to Chris for being able to read my mind with my very loose briefs!
Thanks again to you and the rest of the amazing Being team.

Kitty Danger
Communication Advisor
NSW Government

Training Programme Feedback

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for a great Benchmark course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a lot from it professionally. After past experiences, I backed away from wanting to manage people and be in a position of leadership because I didn’t think I had what it took. I now realise after completing the course that I just didn’t have the right tools and knowledge. I’m now inspired to become a leader and manager again and can’t wait to put the knowledge into practice. Would you happen to have a PDF version of the Benchmark workbook that I can keep digitally for future reference? It was a pleasure to meet you, and I hope to see you again soon on one of the Masterclasses.

An obviously knowledgeable, good presenter who used appropriate example and straightforward language to explain complex management concepts.

Excellent presentation, structure of each day and content. Siebert keeps a good pace, draws out audience participation and provides excellent insights and practical guidance.

Very engaging. Diverse experience with many personal examples. Knowledgeable – experience within the organisation at all levels is crucial and helps enormously. Principled in the way he runs the training.

An excellent facilitator! His anecdotes and experience added so much depth to the course and my understanding of the material.

All components presented by Siebert were excellent. His presentation style is very professional and effective. It is clear that Siebert not only knows the subject matter, but is passionate about it.

Pleasure to watch and learn. Siebert has a sound insight to our organisation and brings the right balance to this type of learning.

Siebert’s enthusiasm is motivating in itself.

Great ‘real world’ experience, with experience in our agency. Personable and authentic personality. Amazing.

Excellent delivery and exceptionally good at bringing positivity to the sessions, despite some negative influences in the group. The strategy session was exceptional.

Fantastic! Very knowledgeable. Exceptional experience. Presentation style, method and content were great.

His knowledge on the topics is outstanding. The combination of theory and live examples kept every topic interesting.

Siebert was incredibly professional and genuine in his delivery of the course. I found great value in the real-life experiences he shared with us.

Very engaging style. Motivating. Memorable.

Excellent facilitator. Very impressed with the professionalism and content of the course.

Wealth of knowledge and experience. Excellent examples. He has inspired me to make significant changes in how I run my teams – easy, effective changes that will create an impact. Thank you! Wonderful opportunity.

Siebert is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable – which is infectious – and encouraged engagement from the participants.

An obviously experienced, gifted teacher and advisor. Excellent presenter, smartly presented and articulate. Well-pitched tone, content and detail. Very well prepared. Easy communicator.

Excellent. Engaging. Knowledgeable. Credible.

Siebert is particularly skilled at keeping things on track, very much required in this area. His delivery style is professional with a great mix of anecdotes, humour and experience.

Very good. Enjoyable course. If anyone has aspirations of being in management, this course should be mandatory.

Wealth of experience and insight. A colourful, engaging and interesting speaker that has obvious enthusiasm.

Excellent facilitator. Terrific style of instruction. Great range of relevant anecdotes. Obvious wealth of knowledge and credibility in this field.

Really engaging. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he was able to genuinely package some of the really key features of effective management, explain how they’re relevant to us (with a genuine understanding of our business) and most importantly – explain how our challenges are similar to many corporate challenges. Great facilitator.

Very professional, from dress, to presentation style, to content and balancing difficult topics without undermining others or organisational problems. Clearly experienced and brings a lot of good examples to draw on. Communicates well, clearly and engaging.

Excellent subject matter, expertise, engagement, presentation of material, and ability to maintain interest. Well developed course, scenarios, examples. Perfect time management.

This is the second course I have had the privilege of attending from Siebert’s facilitation. Not only is he an excellent presenter with a clear communication style and an ability to ‘control’ the group, his addition of real life experiences bring such a practical element to the course, which resonates with me in particular.

The best course in 12 years of time with the organisation. By far. Makes even dry topics interesting. Holds the group’s attention in a super amazing way. Great body language, voice modulation, hand gestures. Honest about his mistakes which provide real, used examples.

Siebert was an outstanding facilitator. He clearly has the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to facilitate the program credibly. He is also clearly passionate about what he does, which really showed. His personality is ideally suited to imparting knowledge, and he was friendly and approachable at all times. The sessions were on time and the program well-constructed. One of the best courses I have attended.

Well versed on the organisation and consequently able to add considerable value. This was a very good course, probably largely thanks to Siebert.

An exceptional facilitator. Clearly full of varied experience but also has taken the time to develop an understanding of the organisation.

Siebert’s enthusiasm, energy and expertise ultimately provide the foundation for this course. He knows his stuff and talks to it with confidence, authority and experience. An excellent presenter.

Well prepared, knowledgeable and engaging.

Siebert has set a high standard for delivery of best practice management advice. He maintained energy and momentum for the full three days and always kept the focus on how we, as managers, can improve our organisation.

Siebert’s presentation style is very good and open. In all my years in public service, this is the best management course I have been on.

Excellent presenter with an obvious high level of training and experience. He has really taken an interest in our organisation.

Well organised – modelled a lot of the lessons of the course. Very even and dealt with challenging statements / questions very well.

Clearly very experienced, but more importantly, able to communicate that practical and theoretical experience very clearly and usefully. Absolutely valuable and directly relevant information. Also a great balance of interactive sessions / exercises. A great demeanour and presentation style, in addition to an impressive ability to keep things on track and on time. Genuinely fantastic.

Time management is very much appreciated. Concise, doesn’t waffle, pitched at the right level. Really appreciate all the stories; both professional and personal.

Excellent presenter. Very useful having someone with so much management experience and willing to provide real life examples teaching a subject he is clearly passionate about.

High energy and engaged throughout. All examples relevant. Clearly experienced. Willing to talk about mistakes. Excellent!

So rarely do I attend a course that is both informative and practical but engaging and inspiring – Siebert achieved exactly that.