We’re a specialist consultancy focused on the challenges of leadership.

We specialise in strategy, culture, change, collaboration, performance and growth.



We enhance performance.

Familiar problems keep recurring?
Underperforming team or individuals?
Managers with inhibiting flaws?
Hit a plateau in performance?
KPIs vague or meaningless?
Performance measurement inadequate?
Structure not meeting business requirements?

We analyse problems and find sophisticated solutions to improve performance. We do not simply apply structural solutions to cultural and performance problems. Sustainable performance improvement most often requires psychology, education, performance measurement and monitoring. We have extensive experience in lifting individuals, teams and organisations to new heights.

Performance Examples

Supported performance improvement of the leadership team of the prestigious Fitzpatrick and Partners firm of architects.

Conducted review workshops for performance improvement of the significant Service Delivery Reform programme of the Australian Department of Human Services.

Conducted a gateway review and advised the Australian Public Service Commission on performance improvement in its Centre for Strategic Leadership.

Ongoing performance coaching for senior leaders in several agencies and businesses, including Rabobank.



Siebert Neethling is a highly regarded International Speaker. His style is engaging, entertaining and personable. He calibrates his talks to the audience – light-hearted but informative entertainment when that’s appropriate; more intellectual rigour when required. He always relies heavily on great stories and anecdotes, many from his rich personal experience – like working for Nelson Mandela, or busking on the streets of London, or working for the world’s most successful brewing company.

All speaking engagements are treated as unique opportunities to add value. Old talks are not simply rehashed; highly polished presentations are adapted and augmented to perfectly meet the needs of every group, and new material is researched and developed for bespoke assignments. He is a truly motivational speaker.

Talks on Strategy:

  • Being Strategic: the One Habit
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Strategy Hell and the Road to Salvation
  • The Millionaire Busker: Business Wisdom from Unlikely Quarters
  • Beer Wars: the Most Strategically Brilliant Company on Earth
  • Feet of Clay and Iron Ladies: Six Great Strategy Stories

Talks on Culture:

  • Changing Organisational Culture: Delusions of Grandeur, Incidental Success and What Actually Works
  • Managing to and Beyond the Tipping Point

Talks on Change:

  • The Nine Lives of Betty Crocker: Transformational Change Leadership
  • Time is Not What it Used to Be: the New Reality of Change
  • Managing to and Beyond the Tipping Point

Talks on Collaboration:

  • The President, the Child and the Racing Car Driver: Insights into Rewarding Relationships
  • The Ultimate Collaboration Workshop

Talks on Performance:

  • Performance Enhancement for the Corporate Athlete
  • The Slow Death of Performance Management
  • A Benchmark for Modern Management
  • Everyone Gets a Ribbon: on Strengths and Suggested Areas for Improvement

Talks on Growth:

  • The Psychology of Business Decisions
  • Three Kinds of Growth: Size, Influence and Reputation


  • Happy Reflections on Miserable Times: Life-Affirming Lessons from Overcoming Adversity
  • Be More Human, Get More Business


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Siebert is a highly engaging speaker. By using his personal experience from having worked in several countries around the world, he was able to captivate our audience in way that made them question their own approaches and identify personal areas for improvement. He is motivational, but at the same time grounded. He balances strategy on one hand with down to earth execution on the other. His talk balanced strategy implementation with everyday actions, giving his audience a great framework to effectively reach the goals we strive towards as an organization.

K. Erik Skullerud
Director, AMGEN



Facilitation of Workshops, Conferences,
Planning days and Team building

This is our bread-and-butter. Hardly a week goes by without us facilitating a dynamic, transformative and profound conference, workshop or strategy day.
Our approach is truly unique for every client. Yes, we have powerful IP and a well-calibrated range of instruments and tools, but we treat every client in the way that is most likely to achieve success.

Some assignments require extensive research and analysis. Some clients require broad consultation. In some environments we need to be particularly aware of the “cringe threshold” of staff and conduct our work in an innovative yet conservative manner. In some cases we have to overcome considerable resistance before the value of the intervention is appreciated. In other environments the value is taken for granted, but the demand for intellectual rigour is high.

This is a small sample of recent projects:

  • Facilitation of two consecutive global conferences for insurance giant QBE
  • Facilitation of a strategy process for Trinity Law, including a partner retreat, staff workshops and follow-up monitoring
  • Facilitation of a two-day leadership conference for ATO Finance
  • Facilitation, for the fourth consecutive year, of a strategy process for fast-growing property development company GibbGroup
  • Facilitation of a large scale, grass-roots up, multi-faceted strategy process for Forestry Corporation
  • Facilitation of a product strategy for pharmaceutical giant Abbvie
  • Facilitation of a team retreat for Allergan
  • Facilitation of planning and development days for Novartis
  • Facilitation of development days for architecture firm Fitzpatrick and Partners
  • Facilitation of major project planning days for the Department of Human Services
  • Facilitation of stakeholder consultation days for innovation projects at the ATO
  • Facilitation of Innovation Conferences for Defence Housing Australia
  • Facilitation of strategy days for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)
  • Facilitation of a development day for the Australian Department of Defence on implementing large-scale projects

Siebert facilitated my team planning day and it ran like a well-oiled machine from start to finish. His use of story-telling, visual imagery and engaging activities challenged the team to think and act differently. The pace was high but we never felt rushed. There was a good balance of practical activities interspersed with management theory and lots of laughter. We moved fluidly from one activity to the next – steered and supported by Siebert. It made me realise that the difference between a ‘good’ facilitator and a ‘great’ facilitator is huge. Siebert’s professionalism, knowledge and passion for building better teams are evident in his facilitation style. He has a way with people that instantly puts you at ease and makes you want to participate.

Joanna Battersby
Director, NSW Department of Family and Community Services


Training and Development

We have extensive and ongoing experience in developing and facilitating dynamic, life-changing leadership programs. We focus on step-change improvement and leadership development that propels leaders to new insights and readiness for new challenges. Our approach is to apply Cognitive Behaviour Therapy principles to help leaders engage with the topic, become motivated to improve their own abilities and then develop the actual behaviours required for success.

The following is a small sample of some of our work.

  • Design, development and delivery of a broad range of management and leadership development programs for listed property company Goodman Limited. During its rapid expansion phase, growing from a local company with 200 employees to a global company with close on 2,000 employees, we provided a range of services to Goodman (formerly Macquarie Goodman). This included work in four countries, and across all levels of the company. Several courses were developed and delivered, including Negotiation Skills for Managers, Communicating with Influence, and an industry-leading Management Development Programme aimed at managers in property development, property management, the investment arm of the business and support services.
  • Concept development, design supervision, design and in-depth support and quality monitoring for the ATO’s Management Development Programme, Australia’s largest national roll-out of a Management course in 2014. Over 1,400 participants completed the programme at 20 sites over eight months. The programme was an overwhelming success, with more than 90% of participants rating the modules as excellent or very good, this at a time of disruptive change, extensive redundancies and the closure of some offices. This design incorporated multimodal delivery, integrated learning, optimal use of internal and external resources, optimal timing in terms of the ATO’s rigid operational schedule, and extensive use of complementary learning strategies.
  • Leading Complex Change Programme for senior executives at the Australian Taxation Office. This extensive programme was designed, developed and delivered by us. Originally only scheduled for a limited number of sessions, the popularity of the programme saw it extended to 10 sessions in five cities across Australia. The overwhelming success of this programme led to an assignment to develop a leadership strategy for the ATO to help it create the leaders to implement the organisation’s future strategy.
  • Design, development and delivery of a Coaching Programme for Financial Services firm AMP – Australia’s leading financial services firm. Following extensive involvement with their elite Amicus group of advisers, we were commissioned to design, develop and deliver a highly innovative training programme on coaching skills for advisers. The programme incorporates extensive use of iPads as a dynamic education tool.
  • Design, development and delivery of an annual programme on Time Management for Rabobank. Since 2007, in New Zealand and Australia, we have been running an annual programme on Time Management for managers on behalf of Rabobank. The programme is a highly practical course on managerial efficiency, incorporating extensive, industry-specific case studies. These were researched on location at a range of highly effective, model businesses.
  • Design, development and delivery of an innovative, participant-driven Senior Leader Programme for Defence Housing Australia.
  • Design, development and delivery of nearly 50 iterations of a highly acclaimed Management and Leadership programme for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Thanks Siebert – a great outcome in terms of the overwhelmingly positive and supportive feedback. As per my phone message, we’ve received approval to continue rolling this programme out – which is great news. Thanks again – and congratulations on developing and delivering an outstanding management programme.

Senior Executive L&D
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Research and Analysis

All our Directors are particularly strong in research.

Julia Milner is an awarded academic with an impressive research background. Rory Robertshaw majored in Social Research Methods in his Master’s Degree and leads many international projects with strong research focus. Siebert Neethling conducts extensive strategy, culture, development and leadership research on behalf of BEING clients. Kerry Neethling is an expert in Market analysis and research.

We have developed internal research papers on multidisciplinary teams, leadership development, evaluation of training programmes and many more.

Being Consulting is a member of the Australian Government’s multi-user Research Services Panel.

May I take this opportunity to personally thank you for the effort you have taken in working through this project to get us to where we are now. I have enjoyed each encounter / interaction with you. Your efforts have helped me rethink my role in adding sustainable value to this organisation.

Dallas Palm
Corporate Procurement Manager, Forestry Corporation


Assessment and Evaluation

Rory Robertshaw and Siebert Neethling developed extensive expertise in assessment and project evaluation, starting in Africa, then moving on to clients in Asia, Europe and Australia.

Rory focuses primarily on the formal evaluation of international development, social and public sector programmes. His clients include UNESCO, UN-Habitat and UNDP. His qualifications and expertise in Social Research Methods also transfers well to organisational health audits and team assessments.

Early in his career, Siebert started evaluating programmes for the UK Department for International Development and the International Labour Organisation. He now frequently conducts organisational and team health audits, team assessments, comprehensive business and organisational assessments, and gateway reviews of change programmes and major organisational initiatives.

We also have the technical capability and resources to conduct meaningful and sophisticated 360° assessments and team performance assessments.

As usual you gave a sterling performance and demonstrated so much of what all of us can aspire to in terms of professionalism, commitment and passion. I think it’s great for our guys to spend time with you for these reasons.

Bill Cordingley
Senior Executive, Rabobank


Organisation Design and Structuring

We firmly believe that one should not apply structural solutions to cultural problems. It is not uncommon, however, for our work in strategy, culture, change, collaboration, performance, and growth to have structural and organisation design implications.

Our thorough and pragmatic approach to structure has helped clients effect changes with optimal buy-in and optimal results.

It’s amazing how quickly you grasped our business and our issues. And to deliver such a clear report so quickly and so well presented shows how much you practice what you preach.

John Irvine
Partner, Trinity Law


Project Management

Rory Robertshaw is a project management expert with an impressive track record. His special expertise is managing projects in complex environments. Amongst other such projects, he established the Metropolitan Trading Company, a public sector investment company which – under his leadership – developed Metro Mall, the largest public transport node, retail and market complex in Africa.

On a smaller scale, we frequently manage complex assignments as projects. Examples include a multi-phase, multi-site strategy development process for Forestry Corporation, and the comprehensive management of up to 50 leadership courses for a public service agency spanning more than three years.

Over the last three years, we have worked with Siebert on a couple of occasions as we have looked to make our business more commercial following its conversion into a State-owned Corporation. Most recently Siebert has helped work through a bottom-up strategic planning process. This has involved small regional meetings with senior and middle level managers and finally a two-day workshop involving 90 of our staff in Sydney. The process Siebert has run for us has worked particularly well. He has enabled meaningful engagement by our staff, collated their ideas where useful but able to diplomatically keep things on track where more speculative. Importantly he has very skilfully reworked our Vision, Mission and Values into a new Statement of Purpose and Values utilising a wide range of input from the organisation. He worked closely with myself and my senior management team throughout the project which has produced a bottom up plan that we as senior management are happy to sign off on and take to our Board. It has been a very worthwhile process.

Nick Roberts
CEO, Forestry Corporation


Mentoring and Coaching

Dr Julia Milner is a world-renowned author and academic in the field of coaching. She trains managers and aspiring coaches in coaching skills, and also coaches a range of corporate clients.

Siebert Neethling coaches a small number of senior executives. He has been contracted by leading organisations to do remedial coaching with talented but “flawed” leaders, but the majority of his work is with high potential executives. He has had the good fortune to work with a number of executives who have gone on to lead their organisations.

Together Julia and Siebert designed and delivered a comprehensive coaching skills programme for Financial Advisors for AMP.

All our directors are engaged in mentoring initiatives.

Siebert brings a very structured but versatile approach to change management and mentoring that is engaging, encouraging and thought provoking. He is a very values focused person who seeks to improve your performance because he wants to not just because you have asked him to. He tailor makes his approach to suit your style and comfort zone, although he will use the opportunity to stretch your reach and vision and get you into a place where the not so comfortable but important issues are dealt with in a meaningful and productive way. I always looked forward to my time with Siebert over the 3 years that I had the good fortune of involving him in my work life.

Dr Antonio Penna
Chief Executive, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead



Our Directors are respected and published authors. We also employ two full-time copy writers, and have two business associates who write for a living.

Whereas we do not take on ghost-writing assignments, we are happy to include writing elements to any of our other projects. We frequently write case studies for development, strategy, culture and change projects.

In 2018 we also established our own imprint, Being Publishing.


Creative Services

We employ a full-time creative team of graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, a photographer and a videographer to give life to our service offerings. Strategic design is at the heart of our approach.

In 2015 we launched a sub-brand – Being Agency – to focus on helping clients grow. Growth does not only mean increasing in size – it could be growth in reputation, or growth in influence. In 2019 Being Brands was re-named Being Agency to acknowledge the broad range of services offered.

We have a fully equipped photographic and video studio, and a dynamic creative studio environment fully integrated with our consulting work.

As an example of the quality of our work, this very website you are on now was developed in-house by our Being Agency team.

Our specialist, in-house services include:

  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Video and photography
  • Communications