Since 2003 we have consulted to a broad range of clients, trading as Neethling.

In July 2014 we established Imprint Strategic Pty Ltd to reflect our evolution from a single-owner private company to a company with four shareholders. This was a logical evolution, reflected in the simple transformation of our logo from an “N” to a stylised “I”. Our tagline became “Specialists in the challenges of leadership”.

Since July 2015 we have also traded under a second brand name, Being Brands. Being is an in-house creative agency that has added a great deal of value to our strategy clients, and also developed its own client base. The two parts of the business have always been integrated, in all but name. We have since also added Being Publishing.

This has been confusing to our clients and has been an unnecessary constraint on our combined growth. Also, with the imminent establishment of our new office in London, this is a good time to consolidate.

“Imprint” is not a great name for a creative agency – but with the right tagline “Being” could be a great name for a strategic advisory company.

It is with great pride that we announce that Imprint Strategic will now be known as Being Strategy, with the tagline “Enabling Human Endeavour”.

Everything else remains the same. Existing contracts are not impacted. We will keep the Imprint Strategic name and bank accounts active until such time as existing contracts and their extensions have expired.