Being recently launched an office in London, and our Board members, Siebert, Julia, Rory and Kerry, took the opportunity to have a meeting while in the same city.

It was a highly significant occasion. They met in the very building where Siebert and Rory met and worked together 29 years ago. It was in a railway archway – part of a photographic studio back then – and today it is a dance studio.

They spoke about the great build up, over decades, to what is now Being. They also discussed all the great things they hope to accomplish with Being, and planned for the year ahead.

Siebert was also able to share with the team the news that the very first client of the new London office is the dance studio that now occupies that very same railway archway. Now that’s coming full circle, nearly 30 years later.

And another interesting coincidence. In the last weeks of Siebert and Rory working together in that archway in 1989, a baby girl was born back in Australia. Her name is Prudence McKendry – the very person who now heads our office in London!